Features Dwayne Johnson who is the protagonist as a U.S war veteran and an ex-FBI Hostage Rescue team leader. He is in charge of assessing the security of skyscrapers. He comes across one of the tallest and safest buildings in the world ablaze on one of his assignments in China and he’s been framed for it! Get thrilled as he gets behind finding the one responsible along saving his family who is trapped in the damned building!

The scene opens up in Minnesota with a hostage crisis underway. A deranged man, Ray, is holding his own family hostage in his own home and one police officer has been shot. A team has been sent to rescue the family.

Ten years later sees Will Sawyer, (Dwayne Johnson), being an amputee, missing his left leg below the knee and wearing a prosthetic limb in its place. His job has him with his family in Hong Kong where he is set to analyze the safety of the Pearl before it opens.

A team of villains has however broken in with highly flammable chemicals in a bid to steal McGuffins. But when they torch the building, they don’t realize that Will’s family is still inside one of the residential units! The flames begin rising higher and higher as danger ensues. And as it is Johnson playing the lead-role character, he has to do whatever he must to save them as new obstacles keep on coming his way presenting a more tough challenge preceding the last!