About Us

Since its inception in 2006, OVGuide.com has been renowned for providing worldwide audiences on the internet with the most detailed and modern online video guide, inclusive of movies, games, TV shows, and user-generated content. Created bearing the end user in mind, OVGuide’s digital media and social viewing experience are unparalleled.

In a bid to bridge the disparity between the distinctive societal and mutual user experiences and the mobility of online video sites, videos, music, games, alongside different multimedia, OVGuide helps sanction users to share media related content that they deem enjoyable on the web, alongside interacting with each other securely and amiably on the virtual environment!

Located in Los Angeles, we are a privately-held company that aims to deliver an unprecedented and easy-to-understand way to browse and searches for pertinent, high-quality, high definition video sites on the Web.

OVGuide’s distinctive and excellent user interface systematizes thousands of online video destinations, providing users both brief and lengthy videos which have been harmonized into an editorialized directory and search engine! The OVGuide platform, which can be accessed absolutely via the web browser of the user, helps bring media transformation into a shared social experience.

OVGuide.com is the first entertainment destination that is exclusively dedicated to displaying premier and a wide variety of videos from the realm of TV, Movies, Video Games, Music and sports, all these mapped out for the modern era of video entertainment.

The site receives millions of visitors, millions of page views alongside millions of searches per month, a significant scale for a video site that tops in the US. This is so as OVGuide offers more absolute, authentic and curated high-end video content than any other video entertainment site.

Our tradition of innovativeness lets creative solutions incorporate brands into the entertainment sphere, with our special team of professional editors that review all the content preliminary to posting it to OVGuide.com, in a bid to ensure that all the sites are worth it and have been indexed appropriately!

At OVGuide.com, we aim to offer all the video enthusiasts across the internet with a variety of the latest videos from TV, Movies, Games, Entertainment and even user-generated video content. We’ve definitely come a long way, so we know exactly which direction to take when giving you the desired video content. Our user-friendly website does this, while at the same time providing excellent resolutions and friendly support.

Keeping an eye on the latest trends in the video industry, OVGuide.com ensures you’re updated on the latest video trends, in a whole lot of different categories.

With online video here to stay and growing like wildfire alongside OVGuide being the internet’s extensive and rapidly growing means of accessing high standard and focus for video websites and video search results, we are glad to be spearheading in this current, exciting and massively growing field. We aspire that you will be a part of the millions of people who already have made OVGuide a part of their port of call on matters online video websites and search!