From Improv, stand-up to sketch comedy and skits comedy vloggers have it all, creating funny comedy content on a weekly basis.

The top popular comedy vlogger is “Nigahiga,” with his videos have collected over 1.4 billion views over the years. His vlogs bear some uniqueness in style and no one has been able to effectively emulate. Moreover, his ADHD-fueled rants and informercials are complemented by extensive vlogging comedy alongside some sketches.

KevJumba is also among the prominent comedy vloggers, the Asian-American, known as Kevin Wu, more often talks about his personal life alongside many other topics. His “Ghetto Music Makes Me Cry” is one of his best.

Dom Mazzetti, portrayed by Mike Tornabene, is an Italian-American college student with his topics revolving ranging from Instagram to Christmas, depending on the relevance. “Dom Mazzetti Best of 2012” is still one of his best comedy vlogs.

Natalie Tran’s Community channel is humorous, with her humor often being self-depreciating yet always smart. She is currently the most popular Vlogger from Australia, one of the funniest and best that YouTube has to offer. “I hate Past Natalie” is one of her ever best.

Grace Helbig’s channel known as “Dailygrace” consists of her talking about various subjects with each day of the week having its own theme. She likes ending her sentences awkwardly and that’s where the humor lies!

Other renowned comedy vloggers include Jon Lajoie, Filthy Frank, Jenna Marbles, and Shane Dawson, with comedy channels such as FunnyOrDie, Smosh, Bad Lip Reading, Lonely Island, and Rhett & Link being hilarious as well.